A range of computerized pulmonary diagnostic products ranging from neonatology to sports medicine, routine diagnostics to scientific research.



Exhaled Nitric Oxide Analysis - FENO Test

The CLD 88sp NO analyzer is the reference for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of NO values, flow rate and volume of the exhaled breath. This sensitive instrument guarantees reproducible and reliable results. It is approved in accordance to CE MDD for clinical use and fully compliant to the 2005 ATS/ERS recommendations for FENO analysis.
One instrument for all applications, from neonates to adults, cooperative and non-cooperative patients.
The new SPIROWARE 3.0 is available from now on.


Liquid Nitric Oxide Analysis

The ANALYZER CLD 88 offers fast and precise measurement of nitric oxide. The extremely high sensitivity and fast response time of the NO-analyzer allows the detection of concentrations in the range of parts per trillion. The liquid purge vessel enables the measurement of nitric oxide, nitrite, nitrate or nitrosothiols in most biological fluids down to pMol levels.


Pulmonary Function Testing
The EXHALYZER®D is a compact system incorporating all elements of a fully-equipped, mobile pulmonary function testing device. The instrument was developped in close co-operation with reputed clinicians all over the world and is fully compliant to the ATS/ERS standards for PFT. Even new parameters like the Lung Clearing Index (LCI) are already standard in this unique versatile instrument. The application covers the range from neonates up to adults.