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 ANALYZER CLD 88sp Series Exhaled Nitric Oxide Analysis - FENO Test (ATS / ERS compliant)

 DENOX 88 Module NO free air supply  and flow control for FENO Test 

 FENO - Offline Collection Kit

Offline FENO measurements in accordance to ATS / ERS guidelines

 Alveolar NO calculations
(CaNO, CawNO, JawNO, DawNO)

Alveolar FENO calculation chart by
M. Hogman and P. Meriläinen

 ANALYZER CLD 88 Series Liquid NO analysis 

  Basics on liquid NO analysis

 Declaration of Conformity ANALYZER CLD 88 Series with DENOX 88 module

 EXHALYZER D Series Pulmonary Function Testing (infants to adults)

 Declaration of Conformity EXHALYZER D Series

 SPIROWARE 2.0  - Add on Tools Software analysis

 SPIROWARE 3.0  The FeNO software

 SPIROWARE 3.1  The new combined FeNO and Nitrogen Washout FRC / LCI software

 Chart Software 5.5.8  Liquid NO Analysis  

 TeamViewer - QuickSupport (english)  Remote Support  


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