EXHALYZER® D Pulmonary Function Testing for neonate, infant, paediatric and adult patients.


 Tidal Breathing Analysis

 FRC and ventilation inhomogeneity measurements

 Lung Clearance Index (LCI) and Slope 3 analysis (SnIII)

 Nitrogen Washout FRC measurements

 Single occlusion lung mechanics analysis

 Capnography and Oximetry

 Multiple and single breath FENO analysis

Infant pulmonary function testing can be easy  

ECO MEDICS AG, specialist in innovative gas analysis systems for respiratory measurement and medical science, in close co-operation with reputed clinicians all over the world - has developed a compact system incorporating all elements of a fully-equipped, pulmonary function testing device.


Prof. Dr. U. Frey at the ERS School Course, Nice  2004:
"Infant lung function testing has progressed extensively over the last 20 years. Many research questions have been targeted and now finally there is consensus about how these techniques should be applied. In my view infant lung function testing has reached a new phase and is now ready to be introduced into the clinical world." 

EXHALYZER D - Pulmonary Function Testing System
Your advantage:
  • Integrated system for pulmonary function testing for neonates up to school age patients 
  • No sedation required for standard tests 
  • Noninvasive detection of lung inflammation (fractional exhaled NO, FENO test) 
  • Fully upgradeable

We offer:

  • Easy operation
  • Numerical and graphical data analysis
  • CE MDD 93/42 approved for clinical use
  • Compliance with all ATS/ERS recommendations for pulmonary function testing and exhaled Nitric Oxide measurements